The 28th Anniversary Celebration of the New England Peace Pagoda

Dennis Banks and the Lady Hawk Singers at the New England Peace Pagoda.

Several long time activists came to speak at the 28th Anniversary of the Leverett Pagoda.
Dennis Banks shared the story of how he connected with Nipponzan Myohoji, long time anti-war activists Randy Kehler, Paula Green, Francis Crowe were also present. Court Dorsey and Hattie Nestel, disarmament campaigners were there.

A large crowd came together with the overwhelming feeling of hope and determination in these strange times.

Following Interfaith prayers (Buddhist Tradition, Christian Tradition, Jewish Tradition, Muslim Tradition) we heard from several speakers about upcoming events.

Paki Wieland shared info about the upcoming Maine Drone Peace Walk

Beth Adams spoke about the men locked in Guantanamo Bay who are still on hunger strike, and upcoming actions with Witness Torture

Also an announcement was made, an update sent from Charmaine White Face and the Defenders of the Black Hills.

After writing and lobbying legislators, the “Uranium Exploration and Mining Accountability Act” has found a sponsor! Democratic Congressman Raul Grijalva from the 3rd District in Arizona has agreed to sponsor the bill! This is a huge step, but by no means is the end of the road.


Our local Congressman Jim McGovern (who sent greetings from Washington where he is working with others to resolve the Government shut down) has agreed to support the bill when it is raised.

This is a hugely important time. We have to show McGovern and Grijalva that we support this bill and will see it through to the end.

The New England Peace Pagoda will continue supporting the Uranium Exploration Mining and Accountability Act, and the work of the Defenders of the Black Hills.

The 28th Anniversary Celebration of the New England Peace Pagoda

One thought on “The 28th Anniversary Celebration of the New England Peace Pagoda

  1. I was moved to the deepest appreciation of the monks and nuns at the Buddhist Peace Pagoda. I am so happy to be one with the entire community who witnessed the power of your ongoing walking the walk, for nuclear disarmament and for peace througout the world.
    Blessings all

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