Walk for a New Spring

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Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo

This is our 17th year of walking from winter to spring.

This year’s walk begins March 16th  in Leverett, MA at the Peace Pagoda.  We will spend two weeks visiting communities in Massachusetts, one week moving by foot/car to Washington, DC, the last week in DC and returning to the Boston/Lexington area to finish up our 32 day walk.  While in DC we will connect to Capital Hill through Congressman McGovern and celebrate the “Birth of the Buddha” at the DC Temple.

Download our 2018 “Walk for a New Spring” brochure.  It shares our concerns, aspirations, inspirations, schedule and ways for you to connect with and support the walk.

We acknowledge that many of the communities that have supported us in the past, are not on our schedule this year.  Hopefully we will connect on subsequent walks in the future.

Join us as we walk the roads and streets of our town, state and country connecting our hearts and minds in understanding and purpose.  Join us for a day, part of the day or the whole journey.


For more information regarding the walk, please contact:

Tim Bullock
Tel. 413- 367-2202
Cell Phone: 413- 485-8469