Walk for a New Spring 2020

On March 27, 2020, the Monks of the New EnglandPeace Pagoda will commence their annual “Walk for a New Spring”.  Beginning at the Peace Pagoda, they will walk several days in Massachusetts, soon moving to WashingtonDC. After several days of walking, taking part in vigils, holding ceremony and visiting congress, the Walk will proceed northward to the United Nations in New York City.  lease see accompanying Walk brochure for full details.

The overarching call of the Walk for a New Spring will be the complete dismantling of all nuclear weapons, asking particular support for the Treaty to Prohibit Nuclear Weapons and the Back from the Brink movement. The Union of Concerned Scientists has moved the “Doomsday Clock” to 100 seconds to midnight–the closest they have ever judged the world to be to nuclear  holocaust. Let us together face down this re-awakened force of death. Please walk some or many steps with us, join in or host the community gatherings, and plan to come to NYC for the The World Conference 2020 to Abolish Nuclear Weapons; Resist and Reverse the Climate Crisis; For Social and Economic Change, (April 24-25) and a Rally and March to the United Nations (April 26).

Please see important links for: Fresh New Hope, Warheads to Windmills(Youtube), Back from the Brink, www.preventnuclearwar.org .

In the same breath, we are embracing the interrelated crises of the degradation  of the natural world, which nurtures all life; the immorality of widespread of severe poverty, which brings incalculable suffering and unnatural death to millions, so often unacknowledged; and the entrenched militarism and war-making of our political and economic structure, and our overall culture.

We are so grateful to couple with so many friends, networks, groups, as in past years.  This year we are also joining with the Poor People’s Campaign: a National Call for Moral Revival, which embraces the same fusion of concerns.  The  Poor Peoples Campaign calls all people to come together to make the spiritual and moral strength to prevail over  these terrible threats to life on earth.  They believe in and and listen to  poor and disenfranchised people, holding them in the elevated and supported center of this movement, which is open to all people to move together for the good. See poorpeoplescampaign.org.

For all the children, for the adults, for the elders – let us come together at this time, walking, praying, talking, singing, sharing food…together. Let us come together locally, and meet in New York City in late April, joining with people from around the world.  

In peace,


For more information contact Tim Bullock 413-485-8469 walk4anewspring at gmail.com