29th Anniversary of the New England Peace Pagoda

Sunday, October 5, 2014
11 am
Nipponzan Myohoji Ceremony
Interfaith Prayers for World Peace
1:10 pm MUSIC
1:20 pm: KEYNOTE ADDRESS: David Hartsough, Peace and Justice Activist
co-founder: Non-Violent Peace Force;
co-author: Waging Peace, Global Adventures of a Lifelong Activist
1:50 pm SONGS

Pagoda Walks 2014 Past and Future
Climate Change Mass Rally in NYC
Okinawa: Demilitarization Walk, Japan
Jeju Island, Korea
“Springfield: No-One Leaves”
Mass Slavery Apology
2:20 DANCE for Gathered Company
at the Stupa honoring the Spirits of the Indigenous People’s Ancestors.
From Most Venerable Nichidatsu Fujii:
“Religious faith is not (merely) a personal matter…It is a great beacon that illuminates the darkness of the modern civilization. In religion, purification through the transformation of evil transcends any merits found in competing doctrines. It is the cardinal prohibition against the greatest tragedy of all tragedies in the human world: murder. The absolute and fundamental prohibition against murder is humanity’s ultimate civilization, which is yet to be heeded by science, economics, or politics. The cardinal prohibition of murder is the paramount issue that extends throughout and beyond politics, economics, and science. It is the imperative of all times, one that must be unequivocally embraced in order to liberate humankind from extinction. Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo.” (1956)
“To protect and emancipate humanity from the terror caused by the conflagration, war and bloodshed of the non-virtuous modern age, and to bring tranquility, every person must be taught of the presence that is to be intrinsically venerated…People are the very ones who are intrinsically sacred.” (1975 )
New England Peace Pagoda from the front terrace of the New Temple

Walk for Peace and Non-Violence

The New England Peace Pagoda will walk across Massachusetts
To Remember and Heal From the Nuclear Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
and to discuss peaceful solutions for the issues of war we face today

July 30 thru August 6 // Plainfield MA – Boston MA
click to download the walk brochure

Tim Bullock: 413-485-8469Vanessa Lynch/Zorlu: 978-340-4389

August 2nd Springfield
August 6th First Church Boston
August 9th Nuke Free Northampton

On Wednesday July 30th the New England Peace Pagoda will begin a 10 day walk across Massachusetts. This walk will take place on the anniversaries of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This walk takes place in the midst of serious questions of war, in a turning point in our culture.

We walk and we carry with us the memory of the lives of the hundreds of thousands of people who were killed instantly when those bombs were dropped on the districts of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We carry with us their memories and the lessons from Hibakusha, from those who survived the bombing and lived on with cancer. The world has been affected by the radiation from these bombs. We march to pray for peace and to send a call out to all who are ready to come together peacefully and work towards change. Toward a sustainable world that is not dependent on war or exploiting human labor for resources. One that is community based. We walk without guns, without alcohol, without drugs.

We carry with us this message of peace and the cautionary tales of where violence leads.

End Imperialism. Pray for Peace.
We walk with hands together, bow three times,
Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo.

Local Campaigns We Carry
-Gov. Deval Patrick has announced plans to temporarily house 1,000 of the children who are currently at the U.S. border. We commend Gov. Patrick for giving Massachusetts the opportunity to help our fellow brothers and sisters from the south and as we travel through the state we will speak on supporting this move.
-Uranium Exploration and Mining Accountability Act, this bill which we carried with Charmaine White Face, Sioux Nations Treaty Council, Defenders of the Black Hills, calls for a moratoritum on all uranium mining until all mines have been cleaned up. Senator Raul Grijalva (D-AR) has agreed to sponsor the bill, and our own congressman McGovern (D-MA) has agreed to support this bill.

for more information visit newenglandpeacepagoda.org | facebook.com/LNEPP


The 28th Anniversary Celebration of the New England Peace Pagoda





Sunday, October 6, 2013

 11 am

                                11:00 WELCOME
                   o Buddhist Sacred Ceremony begins
                  o Prayers from various faith traditions
                  o Dharma Talk by Ven. Shanti Shugei, Elder monk from Japan
                                LUNCH OFFERED
                               GREETINGS FROM SPECIAL GUEST, Dennis Banks
                                              Co-founder of the American Indian Movement
                               MESSAGE FROM DEFENDERS OF THE BLACK HILLS
                               NEWS FROM JUSTICE /PEACE EFFORTS
                               SOCIAL DANCE, led by the WAMPANOAG NATION

The crises which we are together facing both in our human society – the degradation of humanity through  war and massive impoverishment, and in the natural world – catastrophic disasters and the poisoning of water, earth, and air – all are caused  by the extreme materialism of our culture. This materialism was forcibly imposed over the spiritual civilization of the Original People of this continent.  We must return to a spiritual civilization to find the way to live in peace.


“If the minds of the people are impure, their land is also impure, but if their minds are pure, so is their land. There are not two lands, pure or impure. The difference lies solely in the good or evil of people’s minds. It is the same with a Buddha and a common mortal. While deluded, one is called ‘a common mortal’ but once enlightened, one is called a Buddha. Even a tarnished mirror will shine like a jewel if it is polished. A mind which presently is clouded by delusion is like a tarnished mirror, but once it is polished, it will become clear, reflecting the enlightenment of immutable Truth. Arouse deep faith and polish your mirror night and day.”  “On Obtaining Buddhahood,” by St. Nichiren, 13th Century Buddhist monk, founder of the practice of Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo.


“The religious faith that Native Americans have carried to this day will be the source for forging lasting peace in the times to come. “excerpt from the Dharma  talk given by Most Venerable Nichidatsu Fujii  at the culmination of The Longest Walk, July 16, 1978, Washington DC.


Remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Walking to Build a Non-Violent World
July 29, to August 6, 2013
A nine day walk from Leverett, MA to Boston, MA
Walk initiated by
Nipponzan Myohoji, New England Peace Pagoda
100 Cave Hill Rd, Leverett, MA 01054

Food for Thought in Building a Non-Violent World


4000 People Walk in Boston on Mother’s Day Walk for Peace, 2013

7 Principals of Peace to be Practiced
 From the Louis D. Brown Peace Institute, Dorchester MA, an organization for those who have lost loved ones to violence and all those who support the purpose.
Love – Unity – Faith – Hope – Courage -Justice -Forgiveness –

“… you must teach your children that the ground beneath their feet is the ashes of our grandfathers. So that they will respect the land, tell your children that the earth is rich with the lives of our kin. Teach your children what  we have taught our children, that the earth is our mother.
-Chief Seattle 1854 marking the transference of Ancestral lands to the Federal Government

“… who is evil? Religion was handed down in the world for us so that evil can be converted to good rather than destroyed.”
-Most Venerable Nichidatsu Fujii 1953, Founder and Preceptor Nipponzan Myohoji

Friday 8/2 Leverett Peace Pagoda – Amherst
Saturday 8/3 amherst to worcester
sunday 8/4 worcester to watertown
monday 8/5 watertown – boston
tuesday 8/6 boston to cambridge

For more information regarding the this walk call 413-485-8469 or email us at walk4newspring@gmail.com

For the People

-Demilitarize our international relations
-Demilitarize our approach to homeland security
-End systemic poverty, a system of great violence to ward the human beings

For the Earth

-See the earth as a great mother, who, along with the whole natural world gives life indiscriminately to us all.  Let us cultivate gratitude rather than brutal exploitation of the earth.

August 6,1945, close to 100,000 ordinary citizens died instantly from the deto- nation of a nuclear bomb in Hiroshima. Tens of thou- sands died agonizing deaths in the days, weeks and months to follow. Survivors still suffer, physically and psychologically..

Drawn by a survivor from memory

The world has not heeded the call of the survivors. Nine countries have over 26,000 nuclear weapons with the USA and Russia having more than 95%. New more deadly weapons are still being de- signed and manufactured.

The survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki give message to the world

– Never Again Should Anyone – For Any Reason – Be Subjected To This Hell…

Clearly the mirror of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, with its inconceivable terror and grief, reveals the profound truth, that we must build a non-violent world.

As we reflect on the Boston marathon bombing and many other violent acts in the US and other countries, we see that the world has become more violent with less regard for the preciousness of human beings and more exploitation and de- struction towards our beautiful natural world.

We believe we are called- all together to work, walk, talk, listen to one another and find the will and determination to change the direction of our country, civilization.

We must devote ourselves to building a non-violent world.

dr king

Civil rights leader Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., March, 1967, during an anti-Vietnam War demon- stration in New York. (Photo:AFP/Getty Images)

“We must combine the fervor of the civil rights movement with the peace movement. We must demonstrate, teach and preach, until the very foundations of our nation are shaken. We must work unceasingly to lift this nation that we love to a higher destiny, to a new plateau of compassion, to a more noble expression of humaneness.” – Dr. Margin Luther King Jr. while marching against the War in Viet Nam Chicago, March 1967


“Instead of hypothesizing potential enemies, let us hypothesize this world as a poten- tial heaven. Instead of suspecting others as murders, let us believe in the Buddha na- ture of others, that they are children of God. Instead of looking at others with con- tempt, let us hold mutual respect and venerate one another.”
Most Venerable. Nichidatsu Fujii

Click here to download a pdf version of the walk flyer

Feb. 14 Highbridge to Washington Square Park

IMG_1225Thursday morning the walk set off from the Highbridge Community Center towards Manhattan. Local organizer Chauncey Young joined the walk for the first few blocks over the Macombs Dam Bridge.

Huge thanks to Chauncey for hosting the walk and providing rooms for each walker, dinner, and supplies to cook with. Thank you!

When the group started walking at 8:15 it was a cold, windy morning and for the first half hour or so we saw another snowfall.

The walk day was about 8 miles through the city.
In the evening the walk was met by frequent walker and filmmaker Melinda Holms who hosted everyone for dinner.


Feb. 13: Nyack to the Bronx

Wednesday the group was joined by Mark Johnson of the Fellowship of Reconciliation for the first leg of the walk. It was a beautiful day walking along the Hudson and through the Palisades.

At the 6 mile mark the walkers stopped for lunch outside a small cafe where Mark Johnson left to return to FOR. The community was very welcoming, and people continually came up through lunch to offer their thanks, take photos of the banner, take flyers back home.

John rode his bike down to meet the group, and invited us back to the university to visit the earthquake museum on our way out of town.

About 3 miles out from the lunch spot we came to Columbia University, where John showed us seismographs and explained in greater detail the process of documenting earthquakes.


The walk continued on towards the city.
At the 15 mile point the walkers hopped into vans and shuttled forward to the Highbridge community in the Bronx.