Walk for Peace and Non-Violence

The  New  England  Peace  Pagoda  invites  you  to  join
Walking  for  Peace  and  Non‐Violence
July  30  thru  August  9
Remembering  –  Transforming  -­  Healing
Hiroshima  and  Nagasaki
And  the Contemporary  Culture  of  War
Plainfield,  MA  to  Boston,  MA


Wed  –  July  30  Plainfield   Earthdance

Thurs.  –  July  31  Earthdance   New  Salem

Fri.  –  Aug  1   Seeds  of  Solidarity –  West  Springfield

Sat.  -­  Aug  2   West  Springfield  – Springfield

Sun.  –  Aug  3   Springfield  – Gardner

Mon.  –  Aug  4   Gardner  – Worcester

Tues.  –  Aug  5   Worcester  – Boston

Wed.    -­   Aug  6  First  Church  Boston
Hiroshima  Commemoration
Boston  City  Hall

Fri.  –  Aug  8   Leverett  Center
5:30  pm  Peace  Pagoda  Nagasaki  Commemoration

Sat.  –  Aug  9   Northampton
Nuclear  Free  Future
Campaign  and  Western  Mass  AFSC

Walk  begins  at  Court  House  to  Smith  College  –Paradise  Pond

For  more  information  regarding  the  walks  or  events  please  call      Tim  Bullock    -­ 413­‐485‐8469
Email  -­ walk4newspring@gmail.com



March 9: Croton on Hudston to Indian Point


Mayor Leo A. W. Wiegman comes out to support IPSEC and a Nuclear Free Future

This morning the two walks converged at Croton on Hudson for a press conference and short gathering before marching on to Indian Point Nuclear Facility.

About 50 people turned up for the event which was organized by the Indian Point Safe Energy Coalition in conjunction with Grafton Peace Pagoda and the New England Peace Pagoda.

The mayor offered his support and made all participants honorary peace walkers and honorary citizens of Croton on Hudson.


Next up was a presentation by Maurice Enis and his fiance Jamie Plym, two former Navy sailors who were irradiated in their time serving off the coast of Japan. The two of them explained what it’s like now without any insurance since they honorably separated from the Navy, and their serious health ailments.

They will be coming to Stony Point Center tomorrow afternoon after the walk to share their story during the “Fukushima Fallout” conference [http://www.ipsecinfo.org/].

After the gathering at Croton on Hudston train station the group walked down about 6 miles to the Indian Point Nuclear Reactor where they had a vigil and offered peace cranes before gathering in a circle for a short ceremony.


Walking to Indian Point

The walk route has been changed tomorrow. Rather than beginning at Indian Point Nuclear Reactor, the walk will begin at First Presbyterian Church on 34 S. Highland Ave in Ossning, NY.
Sorry for any inconvenience, this route is much safer.



Vigil at Indian Point