15th Annual “Walk for a New Spring”

Fujii Guruji in Words
(Excerpts from a Dharma Talk, June 1953)
“Just as the height of winter is the prelude to Spring, the fear that shrouds humanity can be seen as a harbinger of peace, leading to a sudden upsurge of spiritual vigor sprouting in the hearts and minds of humanity. Only with the seeds of such spiritual conviction can we overcome the trials we face in this perilous time.
Humanity’s challenge… is to choose between extinction and great unity through reconciliation… It is in turn a choice of victory for violence or for human spirituality(non-violence).”
Most Venerable Nichidastu Fujii, Founder and Teacher
Nipponzan Myohoji Buddhist Order

The Monks of the New England Peace Pagoda are initiating the 15th annual “Walk for a New Spring”. (2016 WFNS brochure)

This years walk is a 56-day journey from Leverett, MA to Washington, DC
As we walk we carry the somber reflection that over 1,000,000 people from Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan have died because of the “War on Terror”, officially begun after September 11, 2001*.
Millions more in the region have become refugees. Our own soldiers have suffered loss and death as well. No end appears in sight. Present wars and potential new wars give a grave sense of insecurity to todays world. That is why we will carry the Quaker working paper, “Shared Security, Re-imagining US Foreign Policy”, to all communities along the route as well as to our legislators in Washington, DC.

Walk for a New Spring – Shared Security
Cannon House Office Building – Rm 122
Washington, DC
April 27, 2016
1 – 4 pm
Hosted by Congressman Jim McGovern,
Massachusetts 2nd Congressional District

Please join us along the way and plan to come to Washington, DC to bring our hopes for this new direction for genuine national and global security.

*”Casualty Figures after 10 years of War on Terror” http://www.psr.org/assets/pdfs/body-count.pdf

What is “Shared Security”?

Shared Security, Re-imagining the US Foreign Policy”, is a working paper published by American Friends Service Committee in 2013.  

Arising from a consensus process of Quakers holding widely differing political perspectives and life experiences, it is a thoughtful, grounded and hopeful document we wish to share with as many people as possible including Congress. 

“We seek a new foreign policy grounded in a deeper understanding of the challenges now facing our highly interdependent world.  

We believe in strategies that reflect a cooperative search for solutions to help protect our planet, reduce violent conflict, advance social justice, and meet global needs.  

We understand that our security in this country depends on advancing global security for all…” (emphasis added)

“We believe the U.S. needs a more ethical, effective and less costly foreign policy to address todays interdependent world.  Complex challenges require new ways of thinking about our security.  They require  cooperative strategies for shared solutions.  

And we need new tools that match means with ends.    

We call this Shared Security.”             

“Shared Security, Re-imagining the US Foreign Policy” published by AFSC  in 2013  https://sharedsecurity.files.wordpress.com/2013/05/shared-security_v8-for-distribution.pdf 

To download a  walk flyer click here.2016 WFNS brochure


“Walk for a New Spring-Shared Security”

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