14th Annual Walk for a New Spring

On Friday, March 13, the Monks and walkers from the New England Peace Pagoda began the 14th annual Walk for a New Spring, a walk that began as a spiritual response to the tragedy in New York City on September 11, 2001.
Beginning in mid-winter each year, Walk for a New Spring has been a vehicle for bringing communities together around issues that affect our lives and the lives of future generations.
This year’s walk is a 45-day pilgrimage through 9 states and Washington, DC with nightly community gatherings to mobilize citizens to come to NYC on April 24 and 25 for an International Peace and the Planet Conference that will culminate in a mass march and rally at the United Nations on April 26 calling for the banning and elimination of nuclear weapons. There will also be a Global Wave for those not in NYC at the UN.
Beginning on April 27 to May 22, the nations of the world will meet at the UN for a Review Conference to determine how to compel the US and other nuclear weapons states to adhere to the commitment made in the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) of 1970.
The nuclear-armed nations that signed NPT committed to reducing and eliminating their nuclear weapons, but after 44 years, this group has yet to hold its first meeting to implement the commitment. Rather many believe that the dangers of nuclear weapons being used today are increasing.
Walk for a New Spring is just one of three walks that will be culminating in NYC on April 26th, joining a great international/national gathering demanding the banning and elimination of all nuclear weapons.
From Oak Ridge, Tennessee and the south, Footprints for Peace and the Monks from Atlanta and Smoky Mountain Peace Pagoda will take a southern route to the United Nations.
From the west comes New York’s Grafton Peace Pagoda, which will begin in the Bay Area of California, with stops in Arizona before traveling from Buffalo, NY, down the Hudson River to the United Nations. IMG_0793IMG_0795
The 14th annual “Walk for a New Spring” began its 45-day journey Friday morning at the New England Peace Pagoda, with a stop at the Leverett Town Hall for our official and traditional sendoff and then, on to the town of Amherst, MA.IMG_0812IMG_0816
Walk through the campus of Umass Amherst on Day 1 of the walk.
IMG_0830Day 2 is a wet Saturday for a “Walk of Oneness”, Amherst to Northampton.IMG_0822IMG_0831The evening was shared with Francis Crowe, an “icon of activism”, in our community of Western Massachusetts.wide francis sharingIMG_0833The walk visited Holyoke City Hall and Mayor Alex Morse, a mayor for peace.IMG_0846And here we are in West Springfield with Mayor Ed Sullivan, a mayor for peace.IMG_0861 At Arise for Social Justice for potluck supper and community gathering.Walk 7Walk 3Walk 2IMG_0874 In Concord New Hampshire we reconnected with Art who has joined the walk.IMG_0871IMG_0865Attleboro Peace Center