Listening to the Call of the Great Spirit


Walking Into The Future

The New England Peace Pagoda is initiating a 6-day walk, open to all, starting in Provincetown, Massachusetts on Friday, November 17, 2017 and ending in Plymouth, Ma on November 23, Thanksgiving Day. This is the 2nd year the New England Peace Pagoda has walked, “Listening to the call of the Great Spirit”, Facing 400 years of Colonization.



* We walk to make this country peaceful – both in its international relations and its domestic life

*The 400-year anniversary of the Mayflower landing gives us the opportunity to learn about and reflect on the beginnings of relationship between Wampanoag peoples and settlers.  In a short time, with the quick growth of more settlers in southern New England, full-scale conquest of the land and the people began.

*We learn the history from Indigenous historians, whose voice is just beginning to be listened to.  We can begin to acknowledge the unspeakable loss and grief suffered by New England Native Nations and all Indigenous Nations from 400 years of colonization.

*We can reflect on the connection between the history of conquest and our current seemingly insolvable crises threatening us all – severe climate instability, unstoppable wars with more on the horizon, violence from guns and many sources, racism which clings to our national character, brutalizing effect of material values over spiritual values.

*In addition to the violent and dehumanizing attacks on Native peoples, we can begin to learn in respectful and appropriate ways the true nature of Indigenous spiritually-based civilizations.

*We walk to learn, to reflect and to realize in our own spirit the necessity of change from within and without.  From this deeper and truer understanding we can begin to see paths to repairing, to healing, to envisioning a new time of peace and the honoring of spiritual values for the good of all people and for the earth.

Schedule and Itinerary