2019 “Walk for a New Spring”

Come join the Monks, Nuns and concerned citizens as we begin our 18th annual “Walk for a New Spring” and our continuing the tradition of “walking the talk” of peace in our communities, in our country and in our world.   Scroll down to see our route and schedule

Make plans to join us if you can!

Shared Security

A New Frame – A New Thinking
Our National and Local Security Arises from our Understanding that We are All Connected

As we walk through the communities to Washington, DC, we can open a space to reframe how to address international and local crises; Systemic poverty, racism, climate instability, oppression of immigrants, lack of healthcare, these are some of the crises affecting us both domestically as well as globally.
Thinking from a perspective of Shared Security* we can start moving from an”us versus them” approach, to cooperative strategies for shared solutions.
We carry with us:
The Hibakusha Appeal, an invitation to all people to become signers, to advocate for their country and to honor this call for the complete elimination of all nuclear weapons for all time.
The UN Treaty to Ban Nuclear Weapons All are invited to sign and to work to get their government to ratify and sign.

In Massachusetts, legislative initiatives regarding nuclear weapons, arms sales to Saudi Arabia, creation of the Peoples Budget and changing the State Seal from an image of violent suppression of Indigenous People.

“Walk for a New Spring”

The annual ‘Walk for a New Spring’ of the New England Peace Pagoda began several months after the shattering event of September 11, 2001. We began walking in Massachusetts to help bring people together to listen and share with one another easing the fears dividing people at that time.
Since 2008 we have lengthened the walk to culminate in Washington, DC, connecting peoples concerns and moral will to congress for policies promoting equity, peace and a viable life for all.

We walk together, pray together, share food and concern together. We listen and are grateful for all that is given.

*Shared Security, Reimagining US Foreign Policy, A Working Paper of AFSC

Spiritual Elders Speak to Our Oneness
The Ground of Shared Security

Walk Schedule and Itinerary (Subject to Change)

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